When I was a kid

When I was a kid, I developed a penchant as being a tiny but bossy little girl. The idea of exchanging my service and skills for a tiny reward gave me alot of excitement as a kid. I wasn’t however the most service-friendly boss as a 8 year old. The options were to either buy my products or face the wrath of my cries. My family always gave in.

When I was around 8 or 9, I would set up drink carts and sell my drinks to family members. My drink cart was made of a little pink trolley meant by-design for toys, and I have a service menu and even did a membership card for those interested in receiving ‘platinum service’. I grew up in a family of 6 but had prepared drinks enough for 20. Till this date I am still known as the Asian who’s bad at maths. To my parents, I will always be their little girl who never fancied barbie dolls but instead an electronic cashier toy.

my drinks trolley looked a little something like this

I suppose, my interest in selling started way before I even knew it. Over the years, I have started and failed many startups, tried and tested many new ideas, and still have absolutely no clue when it will end – I hope never. I believe in the ‘do something’ principle and running a business has always proved myself wrong in a good way.

In this blog I will share my business adventures, both successes and failures, how it helped me self-sustain and be independent at 17, travel the world at 19, and move to Germany at 21.

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