Things I want to do before I die

Over the past month of being back at home in Singapore I felt to need to address my vision and direction in life. Desperate for a change and a motivation, I re-visited my favourite self-help author’s blog for a guided course in building a better life.

Throughout the process of creating a bucket list, I scorched through the Internet for blogposts, Quora and Youtube videos for inspiration. This one particular post from Tomas Laurinavicius inspired me to create a similar article, so here are the things I want to do before I die.

Last update on this list: 23.02.2020

Health and Fitness

  • Participate in a Spartan Challenge
  • Learn kickboxing or self defense
  • Certify as a personal trainer
    Achieved (2019, Certified with American Council of Exercise)
  • Coach someone as a personal trainer
    Achieved (2019, Trained a client)
  • Do a 24 hour fast
  • Do a 48 hour fast
  • Do a three-day water fast
  • Stop feeling body-conscious


  • Visit as many countries in the world
    Currently 39 and counting!
  • Arrive at an airport and take a random flight
  • Visit Hawaii to fulfil childhood dream
  • See the Northern lights because it’s the most beautiful thing
  • Visit Bolivia Salt Flats
  • Visit Mount Fuji
  • Learn to Surf
    Achieved (2018, Tagazout, Morocco)
  • Next: Surf trip in Indonesia
  • Learn to Ski and ski down a big mountain
    Achieved (Learnt to Ski in Korea, then skied down big mountain in Aviemore, Scotland 2018)
  • Next: go skiing in the Alps
  • Visit Stanley for some snowboarding in Canada
  • Visit Katlin for some snowboarding in NA
  • Make a road trip in Australia on a camper-van/ trailer
  • Explore places on a bicycle
    Have done in many countries, favourite was through ‘Skyfall’ scenes in Scotland current #1: speeding down the freeway towards Grunewald, Berlin
  • See smelly penguins in the North Pole
  • See cute birds in South America
  • Camp in the nature and stare into stars
    Done in Greece, Portugal and my favorite – Sahara Desert


  • Finish reading all of Mark Manson’s blogposts
  • Give a presentation to a public crowd (crowd of 20 50.. so far)
  • Read 50 self-help books (25 and counting)
  • Have conscious positive thoughts 80% of the time
  • Become fluent in German (B2.1 and improving, passed the B2 TELC!)
  • Read 10 biographies of influential people
  • Write 100 articles on my blog (15 and counting!)
  • Learn to read body language
  • Keep a daily gratitude journal (on-going, on my 10th month!)
  • Meet and converse with at least 10 new people a week
    So far so good… (update, streak lost, COVID!)
  • Find a life coach or mentor
  • Be proactive, fight for opportunities
  • Find and stick with an accountability partner


  • Build a startup generating enough income to self-sustain
  • Build a startup based fully online generating a few thousand per month
  • Update: Do that again.
  • Reach millionaire status
  • Set up a passive income machine online generating > $300,000 a year
  • Build a investment portfolio containing all asset classes
  • Provide my parents the best retirement
  • Provide > $10,000 monthly allowances to my parents
  • Own a penthouse


  • Skydive
  • Helicopter ride
  • Learn to drive
  • Move abroad
  • Move abroad again
  • Drive in a racing track
  • Volcano sledding
  • Ride more roller coasters
  • Adopt a golden retriever
  • Own a Tesla
  • See a shooting star, again
  • See a rocket launch live
  • Write a book
  • Get married to the love of my life
  • Jamming session with my friends
  • Visit a casino
  • Snowball fight, snow angels, snow things
  • Get Questcape in OSRS

That’s my list as of now, I’ll keep adding to it, and revisit whenever I tick something off my bucket list. This list serves as an accountability and reminder for me to keep working towards my goals, keeping in mind that the journey is just if not more important than the end results. Have you got a bucket list as well? If you do, feel free to share it with me – I’d love to explore your aspirations.

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