Acquiring Wisdom in Morocco

It was the winter of 2019. After spending 4 months in the United Kingdom, the miserable cold and pettiness of daylight felt enough to end my exploration of beautiful western Europe, for now. After a spontaneous ski trip in Aviemore after a 2 weeks workaway in the Scottish Highlands, I found myself on an AirContinue reading “Acquiring Wisdom in Morocco”

1 year, 5 different apartments. Only in Berlin, Germany.

More than a year has passed since the wide-eyed wonder gal moved to Berlin, Germany. Packed with a giant Lowe Alpine backpack, she arrived in the mid-summer August of Berlin, greeted with brightness and warmth, a welcomed surprise compared to what she had in mind the last time she was here. Armed with an innateContinue reading “1 year, 5 different apartments. Only in Berlin, Germany.”

How to Network Again in the ‘Real Business World’

When was the last time you find yourself in a large event space, exchanging introductions, shaking hands, and learning more about your new acquaintances? For all of us, it feels like a long time coming since our last networking event. And while technological advances have yet to introduce holograms as an alternative to physical meetings,Continue reading “How to Network Again in the ‘Real Business World’”

The Power Of Entrepreneurs – Revealed by 6 weeks of Virtual Events

4 people from 3 different parts of the world, who have never met, came together to host a weekly virtual event live-streamed globally. More than 1200 viewers attended to watch 14 experts speak. Not a single hand was shaken nor a business card given. As most of the world continues to follow social distancing guidelines,Continue reading “The Power Of Entrepreneurs – Revealed by 6 weeks of Virtual Events”

Did I pick the worst time to build a community?

BERLIN – It’s the morning on a train ride on the S-Bahn. Months after the first wave of the pandemic, the train carts are no longer empty like before, in fact, for the first time in weeks, I can count that there’s more humans than empty beer bottles. It’s been almost a year since I’veContinue reading “Did I pick the worst time to build a community?”

How to build an online business: Ideation

This blogpost is used as an example of how I develop ideas on building a online business. It can be used as a design-thinking work for people who would like to start their own business on the internet but don’t know how. About 3 years ago, I built my first online business. It was aContinue reading “How to build an online business: Ideation”

Have you ever heard of – Alcoholic Bubbletea?

A Buzzfeed Video about alcoholic bubbletea inspired me to bring what I was convinced of as the ‘next big thing’ to Singaporeans. The then bubbletea shop featured in that Buzzfeed video was on a Kickstarter project to expand their business. I remember swiftly contacting then owner, ‘E’, to work out details on franchising. Unfortunately, myContinue reading “Have you ever heard of – Alcoholic Bubbletea?”

My first business baby named Kieron.

At 17 I opened my first business. With the successful completion of my little school project, I was more motivated than ever to start a company that I can call my own. Adopting the same strategy from the previous t-shirt project, I started Kieron Collective – an empowering t-shirt company. The name ‘Kieron’ resembled theContinue reading “My first business baby named Kieron.”

That time when I sold T-shirts instead of studying

I was 17 when I came up with the idea of selling T-shirts representing my polytechnic’s faculty. The process was straightforward albeit time-consuming. A 5 month long, arduous process profited me a four-figure sum of future business capital, in exchange for a steep drop in GPA and lots of sleepless nights. Here’s how you canContinue reading “That time when I sold T-shirts instead of studying”

Things I want to do before I die

Over the past month of being back at home in Singapore I felt to need to address my vision and direction in life. Desperate for a change and a motivation, I re-visited my favourite self-help author’s blog for a guided course in building a better life. Throughout the process of creating a bucket list, IContinue reading “Things I want to do before I die”