Acquiring Wisdom in Morocco

It was the winter of 2019. After spending 4 months in the United Kingdom, the miserable cold and pettiness of daylight felt enough to end my exploration of beautiful western Europe, for now. After a spontaneous ski trip in Aviemore after a 2 weeks workaway in the Scottish Highlands, I found myself on an AirContinue reading “Acquiring Wisdom in Morocco”

1 year, 5 different apartments. Only in Berlin, Germany.

More than a year has passed since the wide-eyed wonder gal moved to Berlin, Germany. Packed with a giant Lowe Alpine backpack, she arrived in the mid-summer August of Berlin, greeted with brightness and warmth, a welcomed surprise compared to what she had in mind the last time she was here. Armed with an innateContinue reading “1 year, 5 different apartments. Only in Berlin, Germany.”

Things I want to do before I die

Over the past month of being back at home in Singapore I felt to need to address my vision and direction in life. Desperate for a change and a motivation, I re-visited my favourite self-help author’s blog for a guided course in building a better life. Throughout the process of creating a bucket list, IContinue reading “Things I want to do before I die”